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Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Our Coconut oil is pressed from fresh coconuts, organically grown in Mozambique. 
100% pure, natural and unrefined.


Understanding the basics leads to understanding the benefits.

Coconut oil is conditionally an essential fatty acid. This means its special fatty acids can be made by certain parts of the body, but it must first be AVAILABLE in the diet.

63% of its saturated fatty acids are comprised of the healthy MEDIUM CHAIN FATTY ACIDS (MCFAs)

These MCFAs are an instant source of energy, easily digestible and do not contribute to weight problems and blood cholesterol levels.



Lauric Acid (48% of the  MCFAs) is converted by the body into monolaurin which has the ability to destroy lipid coated viruses, lipid coated bacteria; and exhibits strong anti-fungal properties, without harming the friendly intestinal bacteria, hence supporting a healthy intestinal environment

As the MCFA molecules are smaller, they require less energy and fewer enzymes to break them down for digestion, promoting improved digestion and nutrient absorption.

MCFA improve the utilisation of the EFAs and protects them from oxidation. These latter fatty acids are necessary for prostaglandin formation and visual function (Millbrook flaxseed oil).



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· Powerful immune booster

· Natural anti-bacterial, viral and fungal properties

· Excellent skin, nail and hair toner

· Instant source of energy, which does not contribute towards weight problems and cholesterol levels

· Protective antioxidant (anti-aging)

· Assists in preventing high blood pressure, heart disease, arteriosclerosis and stroke

· Reduces epileptic seizures

· Supports thyroid function

.  Relieves stress on pancreas and enzyme systems of the body
.  Reduces symptoms associated with pancreatitis and gallbladder disease
.  Assists in preventing obesity and overweight problems
.  Assists in protecting against kidney disease and bladder infections
.  Is lower in calories than all other fats
.  Improves calcium and magnesium absorption and supports the development of strong teeth and bones
.  Improves insulin secretion and utilization of blood glucose
.  Relieves symptoms associated with diabetes
.  Assists in protecting the body from breast, colon, and other cancers
.  Assists in protecting against osteoporosis
.  Kills fungi and yeast that cause candida


Virgin Coconut Oil has been safely used for thousands of years by people in the tropics/sub-tropics. Ironically, it is since the use of modern manufactured polyunsaturated oils, e.g. margarines, where degenerative diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer have struck these communities. Scientific evidence shows that using Virgin Coconut Oil does not raise serum cholesterol.

For more information see "Mary Enig PhD on the Effects of Coconut Oil on Serum Cholesterol Levels and HDL’s ".




Assists in destroying:

Viruses that cause Aids, mononucleosis, influenza, hepatitis C, measles and herpes etc

Bacteria that cause pneumonia, earache, throat infections, dental cavities, urinary tract infections and meningitis etc.

Fungus and yeasts that cause candida, jock itch, ringworm, athlete’s foot, thrush and nappy rash etc.

Parasites such as tape worm, lice and giardia etc.



Studies have shown MCFAs to be an important component in mother’s milk for the proper growth and development of babies.

Improves calcium and magnesium absorption, supporting development of strong bones and teeth.

Essential for the immature digestive system and immune system



Provides a natural source of instant energy.  Boosts energy and endurance, enhancing performance.

It improves oxygen uptake and utilization. Improves stamina, endurance and enhances performance. Decreases recovery time and inflammation after exercise, speeds the healing of injuries.




Coconut oil is lower in kilojoules than all other fats.

Promotes loss of excess weight by increasing the metabolic rate.

It is utilised by the body to produce energy instead of being stored up as body fat.

Supports thyroid function.

Helps lower the glycemic index of refined foods and hence aids digestion and sugar peaks




Assists in preventing:

Heart disease, arteriosclerosis and strokes

High blood pressure

Does not increase blood cholesterol




Massage about 35 to 50ml of warmed Millbrook Coconut Oil onto the whole body for a wonderfully cooling & replenishing treatment. Ayurveda (traditional Indian medicine), recommends this massage especially in hot weather for people of a fiery/pitta/chronic nature.




Coconut oil is the basis for many shampoos, conditioners and soaps.  It can be applied to hair directly to promote hair growth and prevent greying.




Millbrook coconut oil is one of the finest and safest cooking oils. The highly saturated nature prevents oxidative heat degradation from occurring.

For Distinctive Flavours:

Coat vegetable wedges and oven bake.

Frying and stir frying

Add to soups and stews; melt, add seasoning and pour over rice, pasta and vegetables.

Use in baking, muffins, pancakes, biscuits, cakes and pie crusts instead of butter or vegetable oils.

Use as a spread

Dr Budwig’s Oleolox (savoury coconut butter)

Make an Essential Fatty Acid rich spread:
Slightly brown an onion in 250g coconut oil. Add 10 garlic cloves and heat for 3 minutes, strain mixture and cool to body temp. Add 125ml Millbrook Flaxseed oil. Keep the spread refrigerated.  Use daily.

Healthy Hash Browns

Heat 60ml coconut oil in a frying pan.  Add 2 grated potatoes to the hot pan, spread out evenly and push down.  Cover and cook for 10 – 12 minutes.  It is unnecessary to turn the potatoes. Serve toasted side up.  Season to taste.

Vegetable Bake:

Coat potatoes, sweet potatoes, butternut segments with Millbrook Coconut Oil, add thyme and salt, then oven-bake at 190 °C for 45-60 minutes.

Coconut Cookies:

Ingredients: 1.5 cups Oats; 1.5 cups sifted flour; 0.5 cup Brown sugar; 0.75 cup desiccated coconut; 2 Tblsps syrup; 2 Tblsps boiling water; 1.5 tsps bicarbonate of soda; 75g butter ghee; 75g Millbrook Coconut Oil; 1 tsp of Sesame and Sunflower Oil each.

Directions: Mix oats, sugar and desiccated coconut in a bowl; Melt Coconut Oil, butter ghee and syrup in a pan; Mix boiling water and bicarbonate of soda together - pour into Oil/syrup mixture. When this mixture bubbles, pour into flour mixture and mix well. Put spoonfuls onto greased baking trays, allowing room to spread. Bake at 190 °C for 15 minutes or until golden brown.




Energy 3749 kj/100g
Carbohydrate 0/100g
Protein 0/100g
Saturates (vegetable) Fatty acids 92%
Monounsaturated (omega 9) 6%
Polyunsaturated (omega 6)  2%
Cholesterol 0/100 g
Gluten Free
No preservatives or additives

65% of saturated fatty acids are comprised of the healthy medium chain fatty acids (MCFAs): Lauric 50%, Capric 7% and Caprylic 8%.

Resistant to oxidation which allows an extensive shelf life. Does not form harmful by-products (trans fatty acids) when heated to normal cooking temperatures. Has no harmful or discomforting side effects.  Is completely non toxic to humans.




15 ml (body maintenance)
45 ml (energy and immune boosting functions)

4-12 years: 10 ml

0-3 years: 5ml

Coconut oil is solid at room temperature below 26°C.  Place in warm water, or scoop out with a spoon.  It is liquid above 26°C.

Fair trade issues are implemented in procedures to support local communities. Environmental issues are implemented in collection procedures to ensure sustainability.
Certified Organic BCS
Product of Mozambique


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