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Millbrook oils are quality oils, produced with care and integrity, and do carry a premium price for good reason, in comparison to many other oils. Millbrook oils are good value in comparison to other cheaper oils. Bear the following points in mind when purchasing:
• Encapsulated oils are more than three times the price of liquid oils on a volume basis.
• Millbrook oils will last longer per bottle, as smaller doses may be taken on a daily basis and still yield good health responses.

• Our oils are always fresh, pressed on order on a weekly basis. They are safe, have no side effects, and are protected against oxidation.

• Polyunsaturated oils (omega 3 and 6) are highly unstable oils and sensitive to temperature, light and oxidation.
• Do not use these oils unless you purchase a good quality oil.
• The simple adage: you are what you eat is TRUE.
• Invest in mediocre essential foods and that is where you will stay – mediocre.
• There are no shortcuts in nature – only tradeoffs.
• Our modern dietary purchases are testimony to these unnatural trade-offs, resulting in rising incidences of degenerative diseases – from allergies in infants to cancer, heart and other serious illnesses.
• Millbrook’s procedures (temperature control) and packaging methods (nitroflush and fluorinated opaque bottles) ensure stability and protection of the oils.
• We want our products to maintain their natural molecular structure, for easy assimilation and utilization on a 24 hour basis. 
• Our oils supply a small essential part of a complex ‘whole’. We can assist you in creating your own individual ‘whole’.

Margarines, shortenings, and partially hydrogenated oils (which contain trans fatty acids), fried and deep-fried food oils, and refined mass-produced oils (which contain altered, toxic fatty acid derivatives) should all be avoided before conception, during pregnancy, while lactating, and forever. If the mother consumes them, they show up in her breast milk. Trans fatty acids and altered fatty acid derivatives can have so many deleterious influences on cell membranes, brain development, the cardiovascular system, liver, and immune system of mother, foetus, infant and child.
Please beware of the hidden processed (often hydrogenated vegetable oils) in biscuits, bread, chocolate, restaurant food, fast food, ice cream/frozen dessert, industrial peanut butter, etc.
Although our focus is on the necessity for high quality oils, we also need to look at the quality of our whole diet. To be avoided are the industrially processed, canned and frozen foods – foods with no atmosphere, depth, soul or vitality. Avoid leftovers – they have no vital energy due to oxidation, and can increase our free radical load. Foods to favour are those that are natural and freshly prepared with love. More veggies, fruit, fresh seeds and nuts, etc. as in Mary Ann Shearer’s “Natural Way”.



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Produced and packed in accordance to SABS 0330:1999 quality standards (HACCP).
Certified and Guaranteed by Millbrook Cold Pressed Oils