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Butterghee or Clarified Butter

All forms of cooking, baking including frying. Butterghee can be applied to the eyes to sooth tired or inflamed eyes. Sniffed into the nostrils it creates a barrier against allergens, dust and pollutants. Pound for pound perhaps the best value cooking oil available. Gourmet chefs around the world insist on clarified butter for the finest taste.

High in Butyric acid (a short chain fatty acid) which has powerful anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and anti tumourgenic properties. Because it is a pure saturated fat, it has excellent keeping properties without refrigeration.



The proteins and carbohydrates in butter are liable to burn with high temperature frying. Despite being difficult to spread it makes the best spread.

Also rich in Butyric acid, but is liable to go rancid unrefrigerated.


Natural Coconut Oil

Due to its highly saturated nature it is one of the safest general cooking oils to use. The medium chain triglycerides of Coconut oil are absorbed directly to the liver as a source of instant energy. Coconut oil is the basis for many soaps and shampoos. Massage about 35 to 50 ml of the warmed oil onto your whole body for a wonderfully cooling and replenishing treatment. Especially good in hot weather for people of a hot/fiery constitution.

Contains a high percentage of medium chain triglycerides, including Lauric acid which is in the presence of adequate metabolism and co- factors is transformed into Monolaurin which has specific anti-microbial properties e.g. HIV, measles, Herpes Simplex virus, Cytomegalovirus etc. Thus clearly indicated in as a nutritional adjunctive treatment for HIV/AIDS and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / ME


Extra Virgin Olive Oil

A safe cooking oil due its high level of antioxidants. Use an economical alternative to deep frying: 1) cut potatoes, sweet potatoes, etc. into wedges. 2) Parboil until soft.3) Drain water & then coat with a layer of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 3) Sprinkle natural sea salt & dried herbs, then bake at 180 deg C. until slightly brown Delicious!

The so called 'minor components' vitamins and phytosterols present in unrefined olive oil probably are the major contribution to its renowned 'cardio vascular protective qualities'.


Sesame Oil

Due to its natural heat activated antioxidants (sesamin and sesamol) it can take a fair degree of heating. E.g. light stir frying with a little water only, as in traditional Chinese cooking. Its highly penetrating, mild heating, relaxant, and moisturizing properties make cold pressed Sesame oil the massage and external treatment oil of choice. See attached page for more details.

Sesame oil is an excellent source of the Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids in a non-transfatty acid form! Sesame oil is also a source of one of the highest concentrations of immune system modulating phytosterols.


Sunflower Oil - cold pressed

Cold pressed Sunflower oil is not suitable for cooking. The heat of cooking will oxidize and degrade the oil. It can be added as a sauce to cooked food or used as a salad dressing. Adds a lively and distinctive sunflower taste to salads and sauces that is missing from industrially extracted cooking oils. Sunflower makes an excellent general purpose massage oil.

Cold pressed Sunflower oil is also a good source of the Omega 6 Essential Fatty Acids in a safe form.


Super Poly-Unsaturated

Flaxseed Oil

This oil is very unstable to heat and oxygen. It must be refrigerated and consumed within one month of opening. Cannot be used as a cooking oil. Best added as a sauce to cooked food before serving or used to make a salad dressing. Flaxseed Oil is not suitable for massage because of its oxidising nature. Good quality Cold pressed Flaxseed oil has a delicious nutty flavour. If for some reason the oil has oxidized even slightly, it smells bad and tastes rancid. This is an important reason to favour oils that are one can apply the "sensual test" before eating. Swallowing capsules of Omega 3 oils is not recommended on the off chance that the product is rancid.

Flax Oil is one of the highest available sources of the Omega-3 Essential Fatty Acids (EFA). The modern diet has 5 times less Omega 3 EFAs than 100 years ago. It is therefore most useful in cases of Omega 3 EFA deficiency. Many diseases and conditions benefit from Flax oil supplementation. See attached pamphlet for details. The balance of Omega 6 and Omega 3 EFAs plays a vital part in the regulation of the body's inflammatory/anti-inflammatory system.

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