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Sesame oil has been safely and widely used for a variety of uses for centuries in the east. It is considered the most ancient oil seed in human use. Sesame oil is central to the Ayurvedic tradition of holistic health care.
The massaging effects of application on the body's tissues are:
Penetrating and warming; vasodilating (expands small blood vessels); hydrating or moisturizing.
Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs) cannot be synthesized by the body and can only be obtained from food.




Natural Plant Sterols - 423mg per 15ml
Natural Preservatives - sesamol & sesamin
Lecithin, vitamins A, D & E



Linoleic (Omega 6)  45%
Oleic (Omega 9)     42%
Palmitic                  13%



MILLBROOK sesame oil is available in 250ml and 500ml white fluorinated, opaque plastic bottles and 500ml glass, amber bottles. The oil is as fresh as the day it was cold pressed. A best by date is stamped on each product to ensure freshness.
The Millbrook’s system of first cold pressing from raw unpolished seed guarantees sensually authentic oil. Cold Pressed below 38 °C, ensuring the valuable antioxidants (sesamin and sesamol) and other immune system enhancing STEROLS are transferred intact from the seed to the oil. One tablespoon of cold pressed sesame oil contains up to 423mg of immune system balancing sterols.



Head-to-toe External Uses of Sesame Oil:
Hair & scalp:
Use as a hair oil (massage a small quantity into your scalp) to promote hair growth, and prevent dandruff and dry scalp.

A few drops warmed to body temperature can be put into the ears to soften excess ear wax, provide relief from mild tinnitus (ringing in the ears), and prevent or treat swimmers/surfers ear.

Nose & sinuses:
Nasal congestion can be relieved by massaging the face (cheekbones, forehead, sides of nose) with warm sesame oil, and then sniffing a few drops of warmed sesame oil (not hot!) into the nose.

Sore throat:
At the first sign of a dry, scratchy, painful throat: gargle with a teaspoon or two of Sesame oil to moisturize the throat mucous membranes. Early use of this remedy can often prevent colds and flu.

For receding gums:
Swish 2 teaspoons of sesame oil back and forth through the teeth between the mouth and lips for 10 to 15 minutes daily.
After that spit out the foamy residue and brush your teeth. (It is recommended to use a few drops of sesame oil on your toothbrush whenever you brush your teeth.) Finally massage gums with up and downward movements with sesame oil on your fingertips.

Wash area with hot water. Massage a little Sesame oil onto the area as a pre-shaving treatment. Apply your usual shaving cream and shave. Now massage a little Sesame oil on as an after-shave. This shaving method helps prevent nicks and scratches, and leaves one's skin feeling luxuriously soft and looking bright and clear.

General Relaxation and De-stressing:
Our skin is our largest sensory organ. The warming, moisturizing action of Sesame oil tones the skin and normalizes its sensory nervous function. This home treatment can be done either in the morning or evening. If done in the evening it should be done before going to bed to avoid getting cold. Warm between 30 - 50 ml of Sesame oil. Massage/rub the oil into the whole body from your head to soles of your feet. Put on an old tracksuit/gown and rest for 30-45 minutes. Relax in a hot bath, taking care not to soap too much of the oil off your body.
Make sure to dress warmly afterwards if you are doing the treatment in the morning. At night straight to bed after the treatment.
Warning: Due to the vasodilating (blood vessel opening) properties of this treatment, those with low blood pressure should not have too hot a bath, or remain in it too long after a Sesame oil massage.
For a period of 2 weeks do the above treatment preferably in the evening. At least 3 times a week add the following treatment:
After the hot bath massage additional Sesame oil into your scalp, and on the soles of the feet, and then go to bed. A small towel can be placed on your pillow. For those who do not like the 'Wet look fashion' the residue of the Sesame oil can be washed out in morning.

Stiff, cold, sore muscles and joints:
Warm a generous quantity of Sesame oil and rub it vigorously onto the painful area. Make sure to keep warm after the treatment. A hot water bottle can be placed over the area to enhance the warming effect.

Dry Skin:
Use Sesame oil as bath oil, or massage it into the skin as needed.



Culinary Uses of Sesame Oil:

Highly praised by oriental cooks, sesame oil is an excellent addition to your pantry. Toss with freshly steamed or wok-fried vegetables, fish or noodles, after they are cooked.
Salad dressing:  Combine sesame oil with cold pressed sunflower oil, flax oil, lemon juice, sea salt and pepper. Add a little honey if desired.
Butter and Sesame Oil Spread: 1 X 500 gm butter, 1 cup cold pressed sesame oil. Bring butter to room temperature, whisk in sesame oil and refrigerate. The mixture will remain spreadable.
Do not use sesame oil for high temperature frying. Polyunsaturated oils are prone to build up trans fatty acids at high temperatures. The safest oils to use for frying are butter ghee, Virgin Coconut Oil, Millbrook Trio Culinary Blend and extra virgin olive oil.


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